Graphic design & its importance

When you look at different things you see images, texts and videos on various materials. These things are a work of art. The purposes are different and much more than you would know. Every bit of text is there for your convenience and you don’t even know it. With several companies pouring in, the reason to use design is evident. Right from signage at a metro station to guide you to your destination to the leaflet you get when you purchase a product, the design is everywhere. Graphic design is a gap filler; it does by communicating things for the user and to help the user. As a consumer, you might purchase products that are attractive, cost-effective and sustainable. What determines those qualities? A process that is driven to take care of all the essential elements that affect you is included. You might get to see those if you follow a company from its inception stages.

Design is here to help users to solve their everyday problems with the best possible solutions. It is invisible yet visible. Let’s take an example. Take your favourite beauty brand which you feel is costly and the one which you find it affordable. The look and feel of each are different depending on the value it gives. You might have noticed that the texture, feel and the pigments used, are different. The value added is more when you see a high-end product. Even if you don’t feel it, others may make you feel it. It’s the way things are designed to get your attention. Design serves only one purpose that is solving a problem. Let’s take another example: You bought a new house or are renovating your current house. Take a look at it; there are objects in your house which are favourite to you and which make you feel good when you come home. These objects can be placed in several combinations depending on your mood. And what are you doing here? You are composing a space. That’s exactly what graphic designing does. It places objects on a surface to communicate a message. Space which is well designed creates a head space that you want to live in. And, that is the essence of any design.

Design is the by-product of creativity and creativity is omnipresent. You can not only be creative in presenting ideas but solving a problem is also a creative process. Let’s take another example: The case of your storage in computers. The size of early storage was the size of a room. These machines were hard to move around, took months to solve a given problem and took so much patience. Then as we kept on finding solutions to reduce the size, look what we have today. A chip that is the size of your fingernail and stores Gigabytes of data. Creativity has a flair that when in need we are the most creative being on this planet.

Graphic design particularly focuses on communicating messages to the masses. It includes images, icons, videos, typography and content. If you see the cave paintings all over the world you might see more images than text format. That’s because the early way to communicate was through drawing. It gives us a picture of how things have come a long way. It takes fundamental knowledge of design that is in nature. You might see shells, beautiful patterns laid by the puffer fish for its mating, leaves, owls are in perfect harmony with a mathematical formula known as the golden ratio. Nature is the base of the design. You can find an infinite number of textures, colours and forms in Nature. Graphic design, therefore, is an essential part of the internet ecosystem that helps the product reach the customer or help a consumer in one way or the other.

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