The New Age Cult

What is a cult?

A cult is basically a social group which practices certain ‘rituals’ designed and adopted by the group. At the beginning of 1930, the word ‘cult’, was used for religious reasons. It became an object of sociological study. Now when we talk about how the culture develops, we talk about the pros and cons of implanting that culture. Therefore, the word “cult” is now a generalized one.

Today, surveys depict how a company follows standards, delivers business solutions, market their products, and advertise the relevance of their product to its customers. The cult can now be defined as the change in the fad strategies applied in implementing manoeuvring of those which are common among the peers.

The New age:

We are moving into an age where the cult defends inbound marketing as the most successful way to attract customers. Long ago, outbound marketing was the cult where channels like Television, radio, pamphlet distribution was supposed to attract customers. Ever since the birth of social media, the change in marketing a product or inception of an idea among the people have dangerously modified. People have moved from outbound marketing to inbound marketing where advertisements are delivered right into the hands of people anywhere anytime. This is basically called as pervasive technology.

The outbound marketing which is the traditional approach to delivering a message on a particular subject used mediums like radio, newspaper, magazines. catalogues and email blasts. The problem with that is people now don't give importance to it since it isn't hyped or doesn’t have audiences anymore. In inbound marketing, messages are popped right in front of you where you are searching for a query online. This is based truly on one's browsing history. The browsing history, when turned on will deliver products to you in the way that you will be taken to a place where you have typed a word and that category will be exactly shown to you. It appears interesting when I browse for clothes, I immediately get a pop up famous brands advertising their products. This is inbound marketing. The problem here is, I don't want that for literal reasons. It only creates biases and makes you want to choose from unreliable sources. Also, there are so many hidden charges and tactics that you fail to notice.

Culture building in the new age:

This culture totally engulfed the simple nature of trading or buying-selling into a humongous business strategy. We are aware yet ignorant about these types of strategies that bother us later on when we want something simple, less expensive and we are left with the option either buy it online or no product at all. My purpose of writing this is to make people aware of this new age "cult" which is slowly dissolving the simplistic nature of the trading which is not possible for common masses. There are yet 20% of people who prefer checking local content and purchasing it. These masses are among the borderline of budget diaries. Simply put they cannot afford the taxes to be paid for buying a product online. The way inbound marketing is spreading is astounding. People are posting campaigns on all social media channels. There is nothing wrong as such in this. But the constant bombarding of any company’s ad is bothering.

There is also a growing concern with companies just chucking out products enough to make quick sales. They do not care about quality nor safety. The same case is with fast fashion; the consequences are horrible. As most of the garment production requires a large number of energy resources and cosmetic dyes which are leaving a bad footprint on the environment. Since the industrial revolution, we all wanted to make things better for us but it has had an adverse effect on the planet we live. Marketing gimmicks tell us how it is important to be in trend and make sure that you buy a certain product to be socially acceptable; which is the BS I did not sign-up for. This creates a habit of us purchasing more products so they make money and we lose.

Social Savy Generation

We as millennials don’t realize how technology has made us dumb and it has got smarter with time. We think its nostalgia that we remember the traditional line telephones and how we used to remember numbers of all our friends. Is this how we are progressing? This tech savvy-ness is only taking us to our doom where there is no going back. We are getting away from our instincts. The gen-z are already okay with technology being an inevitable part of life. They want VR games and smart operating devices to do basic things like playing games. Is this somewhere we are headed? Kids learning coding at the meagre age of 11-12. It’s a joke. We aren’t creating smart people we are creating smart devices which will rule us in the long run. All in the name of technology and advancement. The new age cult needs to wake up and look around. The ancient people were so advanced and never needed a smart device because they had learned the long-lasting ways to be human.

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